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Alfred Mion

Alfred Mion

Finch & Hookbill Judge

I was born in Cordenons (Pordenone), Italy. Our family moved to Windsor, Ontario when I was 13 years old. I started out working in construction. Then I joined a tool & die firm, in 1963, which I now presently run a computerized numerical control machine. Julianne and I were married in 1965. We have three children, Renata, Vanda, Eric, and a grandson, Jonathan.

Around 1968, I bought my first bird for my wife, Julianne. It was a white male canary, Snowball. Three months later he needed a partner, so a nice yellow hen joined him. About that time, I joined a Tug-of-War team at the Fogolar Furlan Club, the membership is from the region where I was born and I met some bird enthusiasts. A group would get together every once in a while, and I was asked to join them. Did the usual thing, went to shows and other homes. We decided to have a show. Soon, the Essex-Kent Cage Bird Society was formed in 1976. I am now the President, but have gone through the ranks since the formation. I am a member of many other clubs in Canada and the US. And a Director with the Mid-West Cage-Bird Club in Michigan since 1980.

We go to other club shows and fairs in Canada and the United State all year long. Getting involved with breeders, judges and pet owners has increased my knowledge of many species. Julianne is also very much involved. We like to work at the shows because we get to speak more frankly with people. Show season is our best time of year. I read a lot. My library of books is birds. I get subscriptions to bird magazines from Europe, Australia and U.S., as well as many club bulletins.

Through the years I have had and raised Type Canaries, many different varieties and a few Colourbred. Finches are still in my aviary, Irish Zebras, Gouldians and many other different species. I have Cockatiels, Parrotlets, Bourkes, Turquoisins, Elegants, Splendids, Princess of Wales, Barabands, Lovebirds, Many Colors, Plumbheads and other small parrots. I believe in the proper breeding of species to keep the species true. This is very important for the survival of all avian breeds in our care and for future generations in all avicultural areas.

I have had my judges certificate from the Avicultural Advancement Council of Canada since 1986 for Finches and Hookbills. I have judged, since 1980, shows in Canada, as well as USA. I have won many Best and Best Unflighted in Shows in the many years of exhibiting finches and hookbills. I only show the birds that I have breed.

Alfred Mion, 1619 Pillette Road, Windsor, ON, N8Y 3C4
Phone (519) 948-6398

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