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Welcome to our 2015 updated website!

The Avicultural Advancement Council of Canada (A.A.C.C.) is a national Canadian organization consisting of avicultural societies, individual aviculturists and bird owners.

The A.A.C.C. came into being in the early seventies to fulfill the need for a truly national aviculture organization to establish a uniform set of standards for the exhibition of cage birds in Canada. Over the years its objects have expanded to include setting ethical standards for the management, exhibition, captive breeding and conservation of all non-agriculture bird species kept in captivity in Canada.

Recently we have been pleased to offer our services to many aviculturalists in Canada who have seen pending local and provincial legislation threaten their hobby and their birds. The A.A.C.C. continues to offer many services to its members and affiliates.

Please visit the various areas of our web site and feel free to forward any questions to our Executive members. If you are unfamiliar with the A.A.C.C., we recommend you visit our introductory page.

Prices for 2015 Bands

Order your 2015 bands now!   Denise is now taking orders for 2016 rings and those ordered by July 31st will have their rings received by November 1st and prices will be subject to change after that!

JOURNAL: Watch for our next quarterly issue of The Avicultural Journal both our Print edition as well as our Online edition for all members.

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