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Banding Information


Closed bands are usually placed on a birdís leg at approximately 7 days old for small birds, up to 10 days for large parrots. However, this can vary according to the size of the band and the individual size of the bird. It is best to check a day or two before the above to be sure not miss banding your birds.

Closed Bands

Figure 1. With the first finger and thumb of the hand in which the bird is held, gather the three long toes together, holding them in position by the ball of the foot.

Figure 2. Pick up the ring and slide it over these toes, then pass it over the ball of the foot, gradually sliding it up the leg.

Figure 3. To release the short back toe, which is now held against the leg by the ring, insert a pointed stick, such as a matchstick, between the toe and leg and gently ease the toe through the ring.

Figure 4. The ring is now correctly positioned around the chickís leg.

Split Bands

For celluloid split rings a small tool is provided to open the ring. It is similar to a shoe horn. The ring is opened by shoving it on the fluted end of the opener. Transfer the ring to the leg by laying the tool alongside, then sliding the ring from one to the other. The tension of the ring will close it together. If not, slight pressure with the thumb and forefinger will complete the job.

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